Thank you for your interest in making Earth a better and cleaner place to live! We are excited about this project and appreciate you joining us.


Our goal is to create a clean, pristine Earth for all beings to enjoy. One where the water is clear and clean, the air is fresh and clean and enlivens our bodies as we breathe it into them; where animals, insects and the fowl of the air have good healthy environments to live in and enjoy; where we can go into nature and see only natural things.

Humans have not done well to take care of the Earth. We want to clean it up, then educate and inspire people to stop polluting so we have a beautiful and healthy place for us and our future generations to live.

We believe that the more people we have of one focused mind, the easier and more effective this project will be.

Invite anyone you feel would join in to participate.

We are starting this project today, and ask you to come back at least once weekly (more often if you like) and do this again.

You can use dowsing, prayer, or any other method that you choose. As you do this, we ask you to visualize the pollution (air, plastic, chemical, or other things) simply coming apart and transforming into their original elements from which they were created. Everything originally came from the earth and we have restructured it, heated, cooled, steatched, shrunk, and distorted it and mixed it with other things to create plastic, and all sorts of materials. We have benefitted from the use of these materials, yet now they are a huge problem, creating pollution around the world.

Here is a link to the periodic table of the original elements for those who would like to know more about them:

Being of one Mind

What does being of one mind mean?

Being of one mind is important to make this project most effective. It simply means that the image we see in our mind is the message that is sent to our subconcious mind is the same image for everyone. (What we send to our subconcious mind is answered with yes, I can create that) . If we all send a different visual, then we will be divided in our effort. It will still work to some extent, yet not to the fullest extent.

So we ask you to join us in seeing all pollution of any sort, in any place, simply dissolving into its original elements and becoming a part of the clean and pristine earth again. YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE ELEMENTS ARE, just that the original elements will be the result. See it dissolving into those parts once again and nourishing the earth again. The important thing is that you do something.

We do not need to gather in one place or spend any money. We do need to do it at the same time and to make it convenient for everyone.

We can do it at 8 p.m. local time around the earth. This means that for 24 hours, people around the earth are focusing on a common goal, and as Einstein said, ‘energy follows thought.'

And Steven Hairfield says:
The mind of the human has the direct ability to influence that energy. With proper focus we are able to change things. When the energy is shifted then the material thing is indeed rearranged and put back to its natural state and the pollutant are removed and the particles go back into Mother Earth.

We appreciate you! And we know you are powerful and make a difference.

Have fun, a happy heart is more powerful! If you need a fire cermony or a drum circle to make your heart it, then from that happy place do the visualization.

If you can just be happy, you do not need a ceremony. So, relax, be happy, have fun, and create a clean Earth now!


While working on our own video....I found this one and felt it would be perfect for now.... so sit back....relax, think of all the areas around you that are polluted, either earth, air, or water.....think of them briefly as you set your intention that all pollution be quickly and easily dissolved into the original elements and returned to the earth and see all the areas of the earth being as clean and pristine as those you will now see in this video.



And in the newsletter I promised here they are:


Thank you for participating and come back often.

We all appreciate you!

Raymon, Faye, and Steven!

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